Botanica 215

Botanica 215

Let us make your vision a reality. Botanica 215 Philosophy - Flowers are more than just a business to us. They are an experience. They are happiness. They are our passion and want to bring that passion to our customers in a unique way.

OUR SERVICES AND PRODUCTS We go beyond the traditional floral arrangements.



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Meet Bekah & Tiffany


We met during college when both of us were working at a local floral shop (that shall not be named) where we both fell in love with every aspect of arranging flowers. It took us about a week of knowing each other – and a laundry list of hilariously inappropriate stories that can’t be shared with the public - to realize the inevitability that we would be best friends, even outside of work.
At some point during our time there, we started to realize that this craft meant more to us than just the paycheck that it brought with it, and our passion for floral design began to flourish.
After college, we used our degrees to get steady, big-kid jobs, but little by little we started realizing that our hearts were still set on playing with flowers all day. After approximately 4 years of daydreaming and refining our skills, countless Harry-Potter-and-wine fueled strategizing sessions, 3 months of hardcore business planning and storefront searching…Botanica 215 was born. We knew as soon as we walked up to our future shop space that it was destined to be ours. The address displayed on the doorway - 215 - serendipitously reflected the ID number of the store where we first found each other and where our dream began 7 years ago.
Our biggest goal is to give all of our clients the authentic experience that we have found the floral industry to be lacking. We personally seek out unique flowers that aren’t basic floral shop staples and we hand-pick one-of-a-kind finds for our inventory.
You won’t find another pair like us, and you definitely won’t find another store like ours!

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Conveniently located close to the University District, Short North area and Victorian Village area.

Address: 215 King Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43201

New Hours:
Thursday & Friday 12noon - 7pm
Saturday 10am - 6pm
Sunday 10am - 3pm

If you have questions or need additional information, please call: 614-372-5537 or use our Contact Form!

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